More about Brexit (…la Gran Bretagna è vicina)

“We aren’t any old country. We’re a special country – one whose language, whose values, whose influence is felt the world over.”

So the Prime Minister starts his discourse. There is an interesting assertion at the end of the last movie about Churchill, when his talk in Parliament definitively defeats those who would hinder the fight against Hitler .
One of these Lords says:

“there is nothing more we can do: Churchill called to war against Hitler English language, wherever it is.“

Maybe a language is more than a Nation, it carries the hidden spirit, the ancient story of a group of people. I think Farage undervalues British strength.
The Prime Minister, in a very clear and matter-of-fact way, says that the economy is paramount and, there the British have, on their doorstep, 500 million consumers ready to buy and exchange.
What he says is sometimes so obviously intelligent that it reminds me of the mob of ignorant people who (because of God’s wrath against Italy?), started dealing with politics and shouted as loud as possible to mutter such unbelievably stupid things and whose personalities are such low quality that we would need a new Dante to devise a new kind of demons scattered in Italy to take care of them in some very hellish place, out of politics.
The Prime Minister’s words sound true (maybe words by that kind of people always do):

“The reason I came into politics was to help people to have a better life… to get a good job, to earn a fair wage. Have the chance to own a home, to provide for your family and your retirement.”

(Mr. David have you watched a recent movie by Ken Loach about retirement, bureaucracy and health?)

“Economic security is stronger if we stay. If we leave we put it at risk. Remember who we are as a Nation, how far we’ve come, and how much more we can achieve. And…vote remain. “

Yes dear old England. Stay with us. My knowledge of Great Britain started with long haired Merlin, King Arthur and his knights‘ adventures, the arrow with a naked flame reaching Arthur’s deathbed in the middle of the lake…
Then, when I was in my prime, London meant …freedom!
Cameron relates the economic advantages and disadvantages of Brexit point after point, rationally.

“UK has negotiated and enhanced its special status, keeping the borders, non involving in ever – closer unions. We have the best of both worlds. Every living Prime Minister is convinced that Britain is better off inside the Europe than out on his own.
Independent advisers – people whose job is to warn Prime Ministers – have said Brexit would shrink our economy.
Britain would be better off inside a single market.”

DC‘s discourse had started reminding people of the identity of Britain, whose power would be amplified with 27 countries behind them: Britain would take a stronger lead in very important problems (tackling climate change…fighting disease and poverty…standing up to Russian aggression…) and preserving and promoting the values they hold so dear, like democracy, like freedom, like tolerance.
Good aims, good values: when I listen to Cameron I am reminded of the ignorance and emptiness that is unfortunately winning in my country. Yes, our history is a very poor history: we passed from being a colony of many Nations to being Colony of the King of Piemonte; to a dictatorship which left a sad shadow of racism, contempt for women and femininity, even disdain for culture! ”Ahi serva Italia!” I don’t remember the name of the poet who let out the scream.
We have an idiom, saying : “It does not matter if we are under the rule of…, or the rule of.. (name of Nations), Eating only matters.”
Cameron started his discourse identifying Britain as a special country, whose influence is felt the world over. Remaining in Eu would make it the biggest force in the world.
Cameron sounds like someone who loves his country. His discourse is realistic, current and sensible, he is proud and more than once remembers the responsibilities every one has toward he world we are preparing for sons and grandsons .
Such being his discourse and ideas I am almost sure that there has been some stealing of personal data from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, to condition particular people knowing exactly their personality and needs to force them unconsciously to vote for such bullshit (I beg your pardon) as Brexit is. To make them dream that they would have a leading role in joining the very low level of political ideas Farage spits up. Unfortunately he reminds me of that comic actor who in Italy even founded a party.
I like to think that a country normally educated would have quickly sent that comic actor back to his theatre, and please shut up. Politics is for politicians, not for clowns.
But I think that Facebook’s customers succeed in erasing common sense, so they voted Farage and Beppe Grillo. Alas! Even Trump.
If you have an idea of what is happening in the Planet you certainly understand that only all –all– countries acting united can save, the Earth, tenderly called Gaia.
There is one point in Farage’s talk that really makes me angry.
He is trying to sell rotten goods when he says that UK won’t be the last member State to leave the European Union. Kindly poison your own country only, Farage, and don’t mess around with other countries.
There are many bothersome points in your talk: “little people”, why, you think that in a country we have little people or “ordinary people”? We don’t have little people at all (are you thinking about the very enjoyable dwarf in Game of Thrones?) unless you belittle a rank of people, belittling yourself.
I wonder if you have ever studied a bit of Economics. How can anybody reject multinationals, merchant banks, “big Politics” (why, politics can be big or small?) How would that miraculous and above all, effective, rejection would happen through Brexit, using your words, “wanting our fishing waters back”?
One of your statements is really funny: none of us would ever have done a proper job in our lives, or worked in business, trade, or indeed ever created a job. Who ever told you this?Are you going on talking to the “small people” making them even smaller? Do you think business has ever made somebody great?
What a mess, what a disoriented person you are. But the funniest are your last words ( to the “poor people” who have never made the above mentioned jobs), your advice:“but listen, just listen.” To you?

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